Team Hoyt

Taking the stage as the surprise featured speaker during the event was Dick Hoyt of Team Hoyt. Dick is a remarkable athlete who, together with his son Rick, has competed in more than 1,100 athletic events in the last 37 years, including 32 Boston Marathons and six Ironman competitions. Dick, a retired Lt. Colonel, travels the country educating the public about disability awareness and promoting the motto, “Yes, You Can.” Rick was born in 1962 as a quadriplegic with cerebral palsy and without the ability to speak. His family has fiercely supported his quest for independence and participation in community, sports, education and the workplace. This father-son pair, known as Team Hoyt, are continually pushing the limits of what was previously thought possible for people living with disabilities.

Le-Vel also proudly announced the launch of another new product: limited edition Hoyt Derma Fusion Technology (DFTs), of which $5 from every purchase in the month of June will be given to the Hoyt Foundation to help support the organization’s continued efforts to build the individual character, confidence and self-esteem of America’s disabled and physically challenged young people through inclusion in all facets of daily life.

“We feel very fortunate to be associated with Team Hoyt and the Hoyt Foundation, as we passionately believe in their cause, and what they do for the disabled and physically challenged,” says Co-CEO, Co-Founder and Co-Owner Jason Camper. “The Team Hoyt DFTs are a great way to show our appreciation and support for the Hoyt Foundation’s incredibly important mission. Team Hoyt and the Hoyt Foundation embody the passion, commitment and loyalty that our customers and Brand Promoters have for Le-Vel and our great products. The passion of the Le-Vel community was in full view and effect at this great event, with the significant increase in attendees from last year and the fact that customers and Promoters traveled from Australia, the UK andCanada to attend. We couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds for Le-Vel.”

Featured for the third year in a row in SUCCESS FROM HOME magazine, this completely virtual company – the first of its kind in the direct selling industry — has experienced astounding growth since its 2012 inception, with a customer base that recently passed the 3 million mark. Le-Vel generated $10 million in revenue within its first year, $100 million by its second year and $350 million by its third year. Le-Vel maintains a presence throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia andNew Zealand.

Le-Vel Co-Owners, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Jason Camper and Paul Gravette, both veterans of the health and wellness and direct selling industries, launched Le-Vel in 2012. Their vision was to create a company, a brand and a product line unlike any other in the direct selling space through several points of difference, including an unwavering commitment to premium grade raw ingredients, a cloud-based infrastructure, generous rewards plan for its independent Brand Promoters and dedication to simplicity despite their products’ powerful and multifaceted results and proven scientific backing.

“Quality, integrity and simplicity have been key to our growth during these last four years,” says Co-CEO, Co-Founder and Co-Owner Paul Gravette. “From the beginning, Jason and I wanted to provide as many people as possible with a means to live happier, healthier lives. Although all Le-Vel products are backed by solid science and research, we’ve designed this regimen to be straightforward and easy. That streamlined approach makes it very simple for our Brand Promoters to share Le-Vel products with their customers, and that’s allowed us to grow very quickly.”

Consumers’ significant, measurable results are due in large part to Le-Vel’s significant investment in the quality of its ingredients. Le-Vel is able to invest more heavily in its product development thanks to the savings realized by its cloud-based infrastructure, which means the company operates at a considerably lower overhead. Those savings also have been channeled into a rich rewards plan – among the most generous in the direct selling industry — for the company’s sales force of greater than 500,000 independent Brand Promoters.

“We know that our products speak for themselves, but the proof is in our over 3 million customers,” says Drew Hoffman, Le-Vel’s Chief Operating Officer. “We’re a very testimonial-driven company, and each day, we hear from thousands of customers who tell us how Le-Vel gave them their lives back. Many customers love Le-Vel products so much and feel so passionate about their effectiveness, they choose to become Brand Promoters. We have some incredibly exciting plans for the next five years, and our Brand Promoters will play a big role in bringing those objectives to fruition – both in the U.S. and abroad.”

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