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“If you can see it, you can create it.”
 – Paul Gravette

Great leaders have certain qualities that motivate those around them. But beyond leadership qualities… you have to develop your mission as a leader and then continuously examine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to keep yourself and your team at the top of your game. Below you will learn how to build a proper vision sheet that will help guide your success.

#1. Make A Vision Sheet

                        -On An 8X11 Piece Of Paper Design What You Want

#2. Test Your Vision

-Is this really what I want?
-Can I emotionally commit to reaching these Visions/Goals  no matter how many months it takes?
-Will I commit to updating a NEW Vision Sheet Monthly as  some visions/goals will NOT BE met?

#3. Add Dates Next To Your Visions

-Focus Daily On Your Visions/Pictures
-Memorize Your Dates Next To Each Picture
-Examples: I AM…achieving 100 personal free customer accounts in my Le-Vel.com social network in my first 30 days (as of __ / __ / ____)

Millionaire Tips: My Questions To Review Weekly Are

1. Will achieving these visions make me happier?
2. Will achieving these visions win me more friends?
3. Will achieving these visions give me peace of mind?
4. Will achieving these visions improve my relationships with others?

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