Live the Life You Deserve

I believe each person has special gifts and talents that they are born with. This  unique “identity” is embedded into our DNA and is part of what some scholars call our personalized “blueprint.” The problem is, many of us were conditioned from a very young age to conform to societal norms and have learned to live life according to the expectations set out by others. The truth is, most people never really live life according to their real identity. When they reach the end of their lives, they then wonder why they feel unfulfilled or lacking in purpose.

The good news is, it’s not too late to live the life you deserve! This is YOUR life, and only YOU can determine what makes YOU happy. Stop worrying about what others may think or say about you and make a decision NOW to follow your heart. Most importantly, you must take action NOW! Don’t settle for living life on the sidelines. Being content with just surviving or getting by is NOT how we were created to live. Do something everyday that reminds you of what it means to be fully alive. Life is SHORT, so laugh, love, explore and make a difference wherever you are!!!

Live a life that has meaning and value to YOU!

You only have one life to live, so make it count!


Paul Gravette

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