Iphone 7

TODAY, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 PLUS were finally announced by Apple!!! Some say it is similar to the iPhone 6, but there are a lot of characteristics to the iPhone 7 that differ with their new and improved features. For example, my favorite update of the iPhone 7 is that it is waterproof! It also has been redesigned to have a dual camera system (which the company says it allows for true 2x optical zoom without loss of image quality), stereo speakers, their Jet Black color scheme (with also the choices of gold, silver, and rose gold), and last but not least their new and improved home button!

What the iPhone 7 did not update is the image resolution, as well as removing the headphone jack.. But, it is predicted that their new wireless AirPods along with the second speaker (giving the iPhone 7 a stereo sound) will replace any need for the use of a cable.. Apple says the AirPods come with a battery case that provides 25 hours of use since it only has five hours of battery. The AirPods will be available in late October for $169! Apple also says the new phone will be available for purchase on September 16th, and preorders start on September 9th!

*The iPhone 7 starts with 32GB of storage for the amount of $649, and goes up to 256GB for $849. The iPhone 7 PLUS is actually more expensive, starting at $769 for the 32GB version and go up to $969 for the top model.*

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