"Confidence does not come from money, but from accepting ourselves in this moment of time."

– Paul Gravette

Paul Gravette is a world-class, top-level entrepreneur with over two decades of successful experience in business start-ups, brand development, software development, internet marketing, customer/promoter acquisition and retention. Paul has blazed a trail in the direct sales industry, and is a highly sought after consultant in the areas of internet marketing, software development and health & wellness. Paul has developed his own brand of growth strategies in communication technologies, social media marketing, direct sales and software integration. His techniques create “speed to market” advantages for innovative products and services to both consumer and business markets alike. With a proven track record of delivering exponential growth to numerous direct sales companies, and emerging internet start-ups through proprietary branding, vendor resources, innovative marketing and sustainable direct sales distribution programs, Paul is in high-demand for his expertise and abilities.
Paul is the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Le-Vel Brands, LLC, a privately held cloud-based direct sales company with its primary nutritional brand “Thrive” being the focal point of their premium product offerings.
For over two decades, Paul Gravette has developed and trained leaders around the globe. Let Paul help you manage your productivity by teaching you soft psychology and lifestyle leadership skills necessary to reach your peak!

• Business Highlights •

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Le-Vel Brands, LLC, a cloud-based direct sales company with its nutritional product line “Thrive” generating over $350M in annual sales.
Designed and launched an online weight loss community focused on four products that target the core of the body. $10M in sales in 10 months.
Designed and launched first ever ground up manufacturer to consumer distribution model of a healthy energy drink. Distribution of over 70 million single-serve drinks producing $15M in annual sales.
Built one of the first online virtual shopping centers on the internet and achieved revenues exceeding $65M in less than 12 months.
Bought long distance in bulk and re-distributed via phone cards in a pre-paid format. Constructed six independent sales organizations totaling over 750,000 independent sales distributors, becoming one of the fastest sales forces ever built in US Direct Sales history. Groups revenues exceeded $200M.
Instrumental in Building a tier 1 phone carrier marketing residential and commercial long distance services. Served as National Sales Director and built a customer gathering organization in excess of 20,000 in less than 24 months.

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